Windows Updates May 2017

Windows Updates May 2017

Microsoft have released patches for the month of May. Due to changes in the information released about patches, it is a little hard to break down everything that will be patched. Nonetheless, it is important to patch your systems as soon as possible to ensure all vulnerabilities in your systems are patched.

Those running Windows Vista will have noticed that there are no new updates available. Windows Vista reached end of life last month. Users still running Windows Vista should consider an upgrade as soon as possible.

Adobe have also released patches for Flash Player. Flash Player patches for Internet Explorer and Edge are included as part of Windows Updates. Many users will find that they do not require Flash Player on there machine. It is very easy to disable.

Installing Updates

  1. On your keyboard, hold the windows key and press R. This will display the run dialog box.
  2. Type in “control update” and press enter
  3. Click “Check for Updates”. This may take some time as Windows Update searches for the latest patches.
  4. Click on Install Updates, update will install, after which Windows will need to restart.