Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703) is now available for download. It is the third major update to Windows 10 since its release in July 2015. Information regarding upgrading to Version 1703 can be found on the Microsoft website.

Creators Update brings many new features and changes to Windows 10.


Windows 10 Creators Update introduces more transparency regarding your privacy. After the upgrade, you will be prompted to change settings regarding your privacy. Each item has an explanation of what is involved if you turn a specific item on or off.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender has received a new Dashboard, the ‘Windows Defender Security Centre’. This dashboard allows you to see whether your Third-Party Antivirus & Firewall are working correctly, as well as drive performance & health report, and tools to set app & browser controls. These are all options included to help keep your Windows devices secure. Parental controls are also included on the Defender Dashboard.

Night Light

Night Light is a ‘night mode’ which allows users to adjust blue light displayed on the screen. This gives the screen an orange tinge, but limits the amount of blue light, which can affect our sleeping patterns.

Changes to Windows Updates

Occasionally Windows will prompt a user to install updates while they are using the machine. Windows has also been known to reboot while the user is working, and forcing the user to wait while the updates are installed. This can be a minor annoyance. This would cause users of older version of Windows to turn off Windows Update completely.  Windows 10 Creators Update allows users to adjust the settings for Windows Update allowing a more flexible update schedule.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft have made changes to browser tabs including an option to hide browser tabs without closing them to make it easier to navigate tabs you have open.

Edge also introduces features to read eBooks you can purchase from the Windows Store.

More extensions are available to allow you to customize the browser as you would with Chrome or Firefox.

The address bar appears to have had a revamp, making it easier to see website address as well as selecting a URL that you may want to copy to another location.

Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint has been around since Windows 1.0, when it was known as Paintbrush. It has evolved over the years, allowing many a kid to create masterpieces.  With the Creators Update, a new app, Paint 3D is included. It works like paint but allows the user to create 3D masterpieces.

Game Mode

Game Mode gets an upgrade, allowing users to stream games via Beam. Game streaming has become quite popular, and this feature allows a user to stream the game they are playing for friends or for a wider audience on the internet.


People are often put off updating in fear that things will break or not work as expected. Windows Insider Program release ‘Preview’ builds which allow for testing on many different platforms and does eliminate many of the problems that might affect the home user. But this doesn’t mean everything will work 100%. Often third party programs need to be updated to be 100% compatible. Many times faults are caused by older software.

New versions of Windows have security in mind and this is a very important reason to update. Updated versions of Windows also include many new features to improve your experience when using the device. Before updating ensure you have a backup of all important files. If the upgrade fails for whatever reason, a backup may be your only hope of restoring your machine to a workable state.

I look forward to hearing your feedback regarding Windows 10 Creators Update.