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uBlock Origin (Block Unwanted Ads)

uBlock Origin is a lightweight browser plugin. It blocks ads, trackers and malware sites. I highly recommend installing it to help keep your PC secure. More information regarding this plugin can be found on the creators Github page.

uBlock Origin is available for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Recently I have noticed another round of Tech Support Scams. While uBlock Origin doesn’t prevent you being conned by a scammer, it does help by blocking malicious ads and websites associated with the scam.

Many of these scams are initialized when the user clicks a malicious ad. Once you click the link, a pop-up will display a message that your device is infected with a virus. The message will then go on to display a phone number to call to have said virus removed.

Once you call the scammers, they will offer to “clean” your device and offer you a high-priced subscription to access free tools.

Alternatives to uBlock Origin

While I do find uBlock Origin to be a great tool, there is not yet support for all web browsers and devices. As a result, users of Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, or a mobile device might like to check these alternatives.

Adblock Plus is a browser plugin available for all the major browsers. It does take a bit of tweaking as is doesn’t block as heavily as uBlock by default.

Brave browser is a web browser available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It helps to block malicious ads, and trackers. If you need an ad-blocker for your mobile device I highly recommending checking out Brave.

The downside of blocking ads

Many websites rely on advertising to stay afloat. If you do decide to block ads, consider donating to that particular website.

Many content creators will have a donation page of sorts where you can make small donation to keep their service alive.