Origin Energy Phishing Email

Be wary of an email claiming to be an electricity bill from Origin Energy. The email is well put together with correct logo and links in the footer linking to Origin Energy’s website. The phone number in the email does not appear to be affiliated with Origin Energy.

The email goes on to advise the recipient that the latest bill is available. The link supposably linking to the bill, in fact links to a zip file, which the user is prompted to download. The zip file contains a malicious JavaScript file. Once this JavaScript file is executed a Trojan is then downloaded onto the users PC.

Malicious files are often placed inside zip files to avoid detection by Antivirus.

This Trojan can then be used to drop other malicious software, such as ransomware.

Always take care when clicking links in emails. In this case, hovering over the link shows that is does not link to the origin website.

More information on identifying scam emails can be found on the Origin Energy website.