New Partnership with Westpac – Scam Email

MyGov and Westpac customers should be wary of a MyGov phishing email doing the rounds claiming you can earn a 30% discount on your next “tax payment” and a $300 bonus deposited in your account.

The email has the subject of New partnership with Westpac. New Rewards.

The scam email contains the Australian Government logo and the MyGov logo to give itself some credibility. The scammers have also spoofed the sender email to make it appear as though it has come from MyGov.

The email then goes on to say that ATO has signed a strategic partnership with Westpac, and that if you add your Westpac account to MyGov, you will receive a welcome bonus of $300.

The offer of a bonus is a tactic used by scammers to get you to lower your guard and to take the bait.

Upon clicking the click you are directed to a phishing website used to harvest MyGov Credentials.

This would allow the scammer to access your MyGov records and everything attached to it. If you make the habit of reusing passwords the scammer could then use your password to log into your other accounts, such as your bank account, or email.

Phishing emails can be reported to allow the corporations being impersonated to take action by alerting customers to the scam, or by assisting authorities in taking down the scam.

ATO themed scams can be reported here:

Westpac themed scams can be reported here:

Google also allow you to report phishing pages which they can then block directly in Google Chrome. You can do that here:

Always be wary of emails offering a reward by doing very little. Phishing emails can be very well put together and anyone can fall victim. If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

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