NBN News Update

Slow internet connections affect those in remote areas more than anyone else. Many residents of the Weddin Shire feel this pain being limited to over-subscribed satellite connections or 3G wireless broadband connections. Another downside for users of these services is the smaller data allocation per month and a higher cost per MB.

Those of us in town are able to receive faster ADSL broadband connections – but the speeds can vary between 1.5mbps to 20mbps depending on your distance from the telephone exchange and quality of your telephone line. ADSL plans have larger download limits allowing users to use a larger range of services without interruption.

NBN will be a welcomed service to Grenfell and the Weddin Shire.

According to the NBN three-year construction plan, Fibre to the Node (FTTN) build will commence the first quarter of 2017. FTTN will cover approximately 1100 properties within Grenfell. Those outside of the town limits will be serviced with NBN Satellite.

Originally Grenfell was also to be serviced with Fixed Wireless but at this time there are no plans for Fixed Wireless in Grenfell or the Weddin Shire.

NBN Co have provided an interactive rollout map. This map can be used to advise whether you will be able to receive satellite connection.

Area to be serviced with NBN Satellite


Although the map advises that service is available – it may not be not available to all customers at this point. To find a provider and check availability please use the check your address tool provided by NBN.

The map currently doesn’t mention FTTN connections in Grenfell, but discussions with NBN Co representatives have ensured me that Grenfell areas that currently unable to receive NBN Satellite service will be serviced with FTTN when it becomes available.

Satellite not available but property to be serviced with FTTN


Any further inquiries can be directed to NBN Co via their website or calling 1800 OUR NBN.