myGov Phishing Email

Be wary of emails claiming to be from myGov, advising users that their myGov identity must be verified. The email takes the user to a phishing website.

Example of MyGov Phishing Email

The risk of this email is that Tax returns are performed using myGov credentials. This could lead to a Tax return scam. MyGov is also used for Centrelink & Medicare services.

Users that use the same password over many websites could also have those accounts compromised. To protect accounts, my advice is to use a password manager protected by a strong password.

Always be cautious of emails that require urgency or ask a user to click a link to verify details.

Although not the case with this email, the senders email address can be spoofed to look as though it is coming from a legitimate source. This is a tactic used to trick a user into lowering their guard. Don’t trust that because an email address looks legitimate, that is from the sender.

Links in emails can also look like they are pointing to a legitimate website. Hovering over a link in an email will show the actual website you will be linked to. In this case, a website in the Czech Republic.

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