Flash Player Update February 2017

As mentioned previously, Microsoft has delayed February’s ‘Patch Tuesday’ and will release those updates as part of March’s monthly patch cycle.

I found it unusual that updates for Flash Player – which are usually included in the monthly patch cycle – were not released. Especially so that Flash Player version, released on 14th of February, patched 13 security vulnerabilities.

Occasionally Microsoft will have two Patch Tuesday’s in a month. This is not common practice, but if updates of importance need releasing before the next patch cycle, Microsoft will release them on the fourth Tuesday of the month (or the Wednesday following the fourth Tuesday for us Aussies).

Microsoft include Flash Player as a part of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge and manage the updates to ensure users are running the latest version. Most users will find that they do not require flash player on their devices. I have written a post previously on how to remove or disable flash player. 

If you require Flash Player, ensure you are running the latest version, if not, Install the latest version from the Adobe website or via Windows Updates.