Commbank Phishing Email

Another phishing email doing the rounds. This email purports to be from the Commonwealth Bank, and advises that there has been “an unusual number of invalid login attempts” and that you will need to “Confirm that you’re the owner of the account”.

The login button, of course, does not link to a Commbank website but instead redirects to a convincing looking phishing website.

Commbank Phishing Website

The good news is due to a certificate error, most users will probably receive this screen instead.

Always take care when clicking links in emails. A link can be created to say one website but link to another.

For example: This URL should link to this website. Take a closer look at the link. Where is it linking to?

Hovering over a link with your mouse will show the URL that will be opened.

Suspicious links can be scanned using a website such as Virus Total.