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Internet Centre Services Returning

Grenfell Internet Centre will be reopening to the public from Tuesday 3rd of August 2021. Masks are required to be worn on entry, and sign in via Service NSW is mandatory.

Bookings are preferred and we will continue to offer remote support where possible.

If you require technical support, computers & laptops, parts, inks, or accessories, get in contact with Grenfell Internet Centre today!

Turning off the News and Interests Toolbar

With a more recent update; Microsoft have added a new feature to the Windows taskbar. This new feature is called the News and Interests Toolbar. Essentially, it is a way for Microsoft to compete in attention economy and give you quick access to news items and articles tailored for you. Some people will welcome the new feature with open arms, whereas, others, do not like change.

On PCs with smaller screens, the News and Interests Toolbar may take up what little taskbar you have. This can make it harder to switch between programs and documents.

Luckily, turning off the News and Interests Toolbar is a simple process – which we will go through now:

  • Right Click anywhere along the Windows Taskbar (but not on an icon on in the task tray)
  • Move the mouse cursor up and Left Click on News and interests
  • Move the mouse cursor over and Left Click on Turn off

The News and Interest Toolbar will now be disabled on the Windows Taskbar. This can be enabled again by following the steps and selecting Show icon and text instead of Turn off.

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