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Upgrading to Windows 11

Windows 11 was released to the public early October 2021. It is a free upgrade for users running Windows 10, but do you need to upgrade?

The short answer is no. If you are running Windows 10 you can expect security patches from Microsoft until October 14th, 2025. You can safely run Windows 10 until this date.

To see if your device can run Windows 11 you can run and download the Windows PC Health Check from Microsoft.

The system requirement for Windows 11 are reasonable low, requiring a dual Core 1GHz CPU, 4GB Memory, and 64GB of storage. Windows 11 does however require a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). This might not be available on all devices meaning a device without a TPM will have to stay on Windows 10.

A TPM is hardware that handles security functions within your device. One function is ensuring that the booting operating system is trusted. This helps to prevent an attacker from tampering with your device in order to install a rootkit. A rootkit is normally not detected by your antivirus software and could allow an attacker to steal private information such as credit cards details or passwords.

A TPM is also used to enable biometrics for logging in to your PC. Windows Hello is a feature available to Windows users to allow them to log into their device with facial recognition or fingerprint. Without a TPM this functionality cannot be used. All the features of a TPM happen in the background and are going to go unnoticed by most PC users.

The only noticeable change for the average Windows user will be the new Start Menu. The Start Menu has always been down the bottom left of the screen, but with Windows 11 it has moved to centre screen. This change is to cater for wider screens that are in use these days, making it easier to navigate on those devices. There are also some cosmetic differences in the icons and menu items.

If, like many people, you don’t like changes to the look of your device, it is perfectly safe to stay on Windows 10 until October 2025. But if you like to experience the latest and greatest why not download Windows 11 today.

Happy Holidays 2021

What started with a mouse plague and fears of the UK Variant of COVID19 – Later renamed to Alpha – reaching Australia’s shores – we could have guessed 2021 was going to be a wild one.

Alpha made its appearance very quickly. Come June, Delta was here too. NSW went into Lockdown. There were earthquakes. Tornados. And as I type this we are all wondering what is going to come of Omicron.

But there was some good during the year; Australia won Gold in Men’s Skateboarding (Park) and Men’s Cycling BMX (Freestyle). NSW won the State of Origin. And more than 95% of the Weddin Shire received their double jab (Go us!).

As this very strange year wraps up, I’d like to thank everyone who supported Grenfell Internet Centre throughout 2021. Thank you for your patience and compliance with masks and check ins. And thank you for shopping local.

Stay safe this summer break, and I look forward to seeing you all in 2022.

Grenfell Internet Centre will close:
4:30pm on Friday 17th of December 2021
and reopen:
9:30am on Tuesday 11th January 2022

Internet Centre Services Returning

From October 12, Grenfell Internet Centre will be open again to those who are fully vaccinated.

Proof of double jab will be required upon entry to the Internet Centre. Wearing a mask and checking in via the Service NSW QR Code will also be a requirement of entry.

Information regarding downloading your Covid-19 Digital Certificate can be found on the Services Australia Website.

Appointments are preferred and remote support is preferable when convenient. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.

Stay safe!